Pedal? What Pedal?

10 Controllers are about ready to go… awesome! But the Pedal (insole piece) has been the ongoing challenge. Wireless charging would be nice, heck add cap sensing and seal this up. It’s all possible and then some. But lets get this going already right?

Last week, I painfully learned that nothing glues to velcro strips (really) so forget that. Besides, velcro is not very secure and won’t align anything. Had some nice breakthroughs on the rubber 3D printing but likely only a custom product given print time. However, it’s great way to shape it for the “feel”, or to make my own, so not a waste of time after all.

In the lastest version, there are 2 pieces that have to fit together and come apart easily for battery changes (or to change shoe sizes). Inner SoulPedal protects the electronics and sensors. The top part makes it fit comfy and stay in place. Will this one work? We’ll soon see. Need some Magnetism in your day?

In other Bucket-list news, I’ve been taking Guitar Lessons for the first time. The curse of playing by ear is that everyone thinks you can play guitar -even friends that also play guitar. There’s a lot going on in there that needs to come out. A month of patience and enjoying the ride.

Author: SoulPedal

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