“An Actual Photo, not a Rendering…”

I’m quoting Elon Musk today where he tweeted “This is an actual photo, not a rendering.” His Starship is really cool (up to 100 passengers?), but so is this – and as real as it gets.

The new SoulPedal® enclosure for the Controller fits perfectly. Loving the recessed letters in blue to match the modded blue stripes on the knobs. The box master was precision printed and buffed out for the mold. And yup, that’s an Expression out 10K pot to control other pedals.


After hooking up with another Beta Tester in Phoenix, I’m getting the sense that musicians don’t fit the “average size 8” shoe norm – more like size 11. So moving on now to multi-size pedals. Notice the old Makerbot 3D printer in the background. The pedals don’t need to be so precise, just comfy and flexible so I’ll do these myself for now with materials on hand. All I can say is good things take time.

On the right side, I’m not quite sure what this one plug is going to do just yet, so I called it “Other.”  You know, when people say, “No, it’s the other plug.” Well now there’s officially an “Other” plug. It literally has endless possibilities!




All the top knobs are about feel in the shoe… exactly how foot pressure translates to control. And of course, MIDI Out is still there and was combined with External Control to run my Boss Delay as an example.





And guess what the Pad does. If you just barely tap it, for now, it’s how we switch between MIDI/EXT, WAH, or VOLUME. Like I said… for now.

Nice colors for each mode too.






Author: SoulPedal

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