Controller Innyrds – Does More

How about a Wireless Wah-Volume-MIDI-Expression Controller. So freakin pretty! Can’t get into specifics as people are poking around now, but it’s noise free and it works well. There are a few more chips on it since last time, but digital and analog are completely in their own spaces and it has 3 knobs on top for the feel.

Tonight I met the band SlingShot AZ (great crowd movers and bad ass actually). They invited me to their rehearsals down the street to mess around with this unit. (I think I’ll make this a Friday routine with some dance as well.) Deal is $250 to participate with testing and feedback, then keep the Beta unit until this just screams for volume builds. It’s a bargain, but this is more about creating an atmosphere to make it just right for performers. And last week we engaged in a discussion with ASU – wouldn’t these make for a great workshop? Control whatever…

In case you’ve never heard of SoulPedal®, it’s probably because we don’t advertise (yet anyway). Growth needs to be organic and 100% real. No doubt in my mind it will rock the best out there – and they don’t even know it yet. SoulPedal® is Trademarked and Patented by Cleanstage LLC 2015, all rights reserved.

SoulPedal Controller Innyrds

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