Controller Innyrds – Does More

How about a Wireless Wah-Volume-MIDI-Expression Controller. There are a few more chips on it since last time, but digital and analog are completely in their own spaces and it has 3 knobs on top for the feel. The Pedal (not shown) has motion sensing and a nice pressure sensor under the ball of your foot. This Controller board is complete and a precision 3D print for the box arrives tomorrow. Plans are to update the Pedal for sizing, then it’s all Beta Testing with local artists… maybe explore some with ASU who showed an interest last month.

True story, this project landed me a 2nd interview in front of 3 VPs at Fender as a EE Pedal Designer, reporting to VP Stan Cotey. Ken Porter, Fender VP R&D felt that SoulPedal® “was a conflict of interest.” I knew I’d either build pedals for Fender or continue down this path. Good news, I’m now focused on SoulPedal® and maybe I’ll cross paths with Fender again someday. Either way, I’m having a blast as this has endless possibilities in the world of Expression!

SoulPedal Controller Innyrds

Author: SoulPedal

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