Two Pedals – Live

MIDI Controllers are a bit more interesting than I thought. Songwriter Kody Raine decides he wants to control his Boss DD-500 to command some echo/delay at key points in his own song – on demand. I always thought who better to time an effect than the musician real-time.

So this Sunday during Open Mike at Bourbon Jacks in Chandler, we’re going to try out SoulPedal® MIDI, and SoulPedal® Wah on different channels, separate musicians. Guitarist Ron Daughton is pretty excited to try it out in his pedal board, replacing his existing Cry-baby. And who knows, I might give it a shot myself.

Here’s Kody using SoulPedal® to MIDI control his DAW then into an MS-2000 Analog Korg. (That’s a whole other world.)

Stay tuned, always!

Author: SoulPedal

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