New Response is Awesome!

I’m done tweaking the code for now because I really, really like it! Now it’s on to the Audio PCB revisions (getting rid of all the hacks in the photo, and there are a bunch).

Same circuit below as my prior post, just stuffed inside for demo purposes. What’s new is I’ve added an adjustable taper to the response that goes from its native slightly negative curve, through flat response, and all the way to a nice taper that eases in. Control has never felt this good.


Based on User Testing at Guitar Center recently, a smooth taper is important because most people who are unfamiliar with pedal “control” tend to press Full-On at first; so this is like a junior setting until they feel more daring and want a quicker feel. However, if you want to lean into your pedal on stage for a better show out there in the crowd, smooth/heavy is exactly what you’ll want.

The goal is more clear now. It’s a Wah/MIDI controller (and a basic MIDI Controller at that). Sorry, no Arduino, no data out. Expansion  is possible (after this gets going) because control is on an addressable bus via a simple stereo jack – so three more effects are possible using this same technology… as is.

Stay tuned if you want one of just 10 units being built this summer. I’ll let you know when the boards are on order, then back to code. Target is $200-$300 to be a Beta Tester, then you keep the pedal for free.


Author: SoulPedal

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