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Is it possible to fall in love with a circuit? I did!

  1. Smoother: Opto-Isolator LED is now controlled by Current not Voltage (duh). Naturally responsive now.
  2. Quicker: No LED turn-on time (biased on both ends to exactly match LED useful range).
  3. Force Sensor in the pedal was selected – Easily replaceable, and High Z for even better battery life.
  4. Eliminated Digital Noise feeding back into the DC supply (was OK before but needed isolated supplies).

Take a close look at that Wah board. That’s the one I’ve been tweaking the past month and planning to replace very soon. (The controller is still good with 15 built to 75%, and the Pedal PCB is OK but the insole design in your shoe will change.) The analog components are nostalgic using Panasonic Caps and a Red Fasel coil from Italy for that original sound. Right in the center is your automated DPDT switch. That’s what kicks in/out the effect (so to speak) for True Bypass. I used a COTO Reed Relay and I’ve never ever had one wear or degrade on me (sealed switch in an inert gas). Upper left corner are all the caps for the overall tone range. Thanks to Anderton articles on, A. G. Keen, and for getting me up to speed over the years. I have no idea who you are, but thanks! I’m sure some of your parts are in these first units.

Truth is, I’m finishing 15 units that were on hold for 2 yrs. If you saw Silicon Valley this week, well… I’m Richard. I’m targeting some Beta Testers this summer, 2018. I may never build any more of this design and it will be a while before the Bluetooth version would be even started, but that’s the plan. My partner is still waiting for cash-flow. That’s not the goal anymore (taken from the Musk playbook). I’m not advertising, but you might see me soon at a Guitar Center. I’ll try to get that on video.

Oh, and besides MIDI out and Data Out (for Arduino), if all goes well I’ll add Expression Out. That’s a tricky one so I might just give you 3 wires and a guide. It’ll be a 10K pot controlled in parallel with the Wah, used to control your own Wah circuit or your best Stage Show thingy. I’ve always imagined Slash controlling his Wah AND a giant puppet of himself grooving in unison. I’ll get there, watch. I’ve had the vision ever since I saw Fergie and Slash stuck in one spot on stage (Superbowl halftime years ago). Everyone was dancing all around him, but he was stuck to his pedal – couldn’t run out and connect with the crown or nothin! Poor guy.

Call if interested – John at 480-229-5940.

Author: SoulPedal

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