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This is our 3rd prototype (underside) used at last years show in Tempe (a bit outdated actually). It slips in your shoe and runs off a CR-2032 battery in a drawer. Since last year’s show, we’ve added more advanced motion technology (a 9250 by Invensense, same as in Drones) to track foot motion. And if you thought that just a Wah-wah pedal was in the works, think again. We’ve successfully tested a 3 pedal simulation that sends 3 Program Changes out the MIDI port, but it’s still being refined. There is so much more possible with gestures, just wait! The receiver (shown in other photos and same size as conventional pedals) uses an internal antenna – so no stupid antennas sticking up, right?

SoulPedal® is currently based on TI’s CC430 – an SoC + Radio in a single chip. The screws are there to allow for access to the port for software updates. We plan to provide a dongle so you can Flash load the latest updates. Range is 50 feet either direction – enough for Rock Concert sized Stages. The original prototype would go over 100 feet in all directions, so it’s only a matter of time…

The entire pedal weighs only 3 oz in your shoe, including fuel.

BottomPedal 520x300

Author: SoulPedal

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