NAMM ’14 – Michael Tobias Design Kingston Rubicon Guitar Demo

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Premier Guitar talks to Michael Tobias about his brand new guitar.

Demo at Tempe Guitar Show

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SoulPedal is such a paradigm shift that most just stared in awe… asking “Where’s the Wah?” Next question was “When and how much?” More info on Facebook/SoulPedal

Read more about Tempe Guitar Show where 2,500 people saw the demo, and many tried it!

SoulPedal User

The Art of Shredding with Megadeth, Lamb of God and More

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All the guitarists involved in this lesson have one thing in common: they are passionate and dedicated players who write great riffs, many of which are quite challenging to play. In fact, Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott described this type of playing as “sport metal.”

Read more at Guitar World.

Brad Paisley Talks Paisley Tele with Musicradar

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During his current European tour, Brad Paisley spoke with U.K. magazine MusicRadar on a slew of topics, including the late-great George Harrison, performing in the U.K. and recording the follow-up to 2013 album Wheelhouse.

But one thing seemed to dominate the conversation—Paisley’s love for the Fender Telecaster. Perhaps more specifically, the 1968 Paisley Tele that he saw the legendary James Burton play many years ago.

Read More at Fender.

There’s More Than One Way To String An Axe

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Guitar starts with the string. Woods are important; so is the neck profile, the fretboard radius, the neck joint, the fret finishing and the electronics. But none of that would mean anything without a well-crafted string. The player interacts with the string via their pick and fretting hand, then the string interacts with the pickup by disturbing its magnetic field, and then after the sound has worked its way through an amplifier and speaker, that same energy pushes the string to greater heights of sustain. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your strings, especially if you use a Les Paul-style guitar.

Read more at Gibson.

SoulPedal Response

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This video shows foot pressure through the Data Out (a standard product feature). Accelerometer data is also available for the Hackers out there. Uses basic Arduino (interface) and Processing (visual display).

Tempe Guitar Show

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We’ll have a booth at Tempe Guitar Show, on Saturday March 22. Come try it out and listen to a bunch of live music and other cool products.


New Box and Savings for Low Volume Manufacturing

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Here we used “Tool-Less Plastic Enclosures” in Washington so we don’t need a “mold” for the boxes (great for Kickstarter or initial sales). These are low-cost, ready to assemble, and sweet. Changes, sure no problem! So far, all made in the USA! Introducing some new features for MIDI and the Serial Port to Arduino.

Newest SoulPedal Functions for MIDI and Arduino

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Our newest SoulPedal Controller design with switchable functions:

– MIDI Controller

– MIDI Notes (like a drum pedal)

– Pedals (like our Classic Wah…) and

– Data Out (for Arduino or whatever!).

SoulPedal Demo

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A wireless insole that controls effects for musicians (MIDI and Wah for now). Patent Pending. Visit for more info as we prepare to launch this product on KickStarter soon!