Getting it good enough, Engineering is about.

I can’t recall where I heard this phrase, but it’s golden – especially when it comes from Yoda (our puppy too). There’s no need for perfection, but there’s also a consumer expectation of perceived quality too.

I’m currently (slowed) between a functional product and a really nice product you’d expect to find on the shelf. So this is all about the mfg process now. The design is really good, but try to make several units opens the next door on the Maker path. I had a head start working 23 yrs supporting Intel Mfg, but not in this way, this is new. And when your process is bench-top and hand crafted to some extent, all the more challenging. The new pressure chamber that crushes air bubbles in the mold was worth the $100, it’s looking better than ever.

So 15 could be all that I make by hand. They will all work well, and will be heavily warranted (except for water damage or for space flight). Alpha is done, so Beta here we go!



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